Sedical Corporation will be able to
the main raw material (cacao)
stably for product
manufacturing as well as
strengthen and
expand its OEM business,
by making Partners Japan YAMATE Inc.
a wholly owned subsidiary.

Sedical Corporation (Headquarters: Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture/ President: Kazuki Miyata/ Capital: 30 million yen/ hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has reached an agreement with Partners Japan YAMATE Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/ President: Tomoko Yamate/ hereinafter referred to as "PJY") to make it a wholly owned subsidiary and implemented this transaction on July 1, 2021.

By making PJY its wholly owned subsidiary, the Company can procure high-quality cacao as one of the main raw materials continuously and stably. It’s essential for strategic product development and supply in the OEM business, which the Company intends to develop extensively in the future with its main brand "Medicalate" as the core business.
Based on this position, the Company can supply the products stably and this will also enable it to respond quickly to the growing global demand for cacao beans, which will give the Company a competitive edge in the expanding and diversifying chocolate market.

In addition, PJY is a well-known importer and distributor of aromatic and high-quality Ecuadorian cocoa in Japan and has built the very strong relationship of trust and wide network with its existing customers for long time. They can become a powerful solution for the Company to develop a wide variety of cacao-related products in the future.

From the perspective of PJY, the increase in the volume of cocoa beans imported and handled through this project will lead to the strengthening of the cocoa bean production system in Ecuador, which in turn will support the improvement of the local farming environment and cultivation techniques.
The Company is also confident that the realization of sustainable development through this global partnership will contribute to the creation of local jobs in Ecuador.
Together with PJY, the Company will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility as an ESG and SDG business.

In the future, the Company will provide a variety of products that encompass diverse social values to both domestic and overseas markets by utilizing the cocoa-based recycling network created together with PJY as a solution for OEM product development, manufacturing technology and sales channel expansion in both economic and environmental aspects.