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ABOUT About Us, Sedical Corporation

We, Sedical Corporation, offer
"Free-From Sweets" based on alternative, preventive and client-centered medicine.


Aiming for "Chu-Do"
Avoid the extremes and aim
for the truth in the middle.

Our mission is to realize a society
in which we pursue harmony between
human development and the natural environment
so that humankind and nature can
coexistence in long-lasting and mutual prosperity.


Make "eating" healthier
and "being healthy"
more enjoyable

We seek a world where everone
can enjoy eating and being healthy.

SERVICE Detail of Business

  • OEM/PB

    Planning, Development and Research of
    healthy sweets for sugar-free, gluten-free,
    casein-free, all-natural, Halal, etc.
    as well as Measurement of physical response values

  • Handling Brands

  • Import and Sales of Raw Materials

    Cacao beans
    Cacao mass
    Cacao nibs
    Cacao powder
    Cacao butter

COMPANY Company Information

Company Name
Sedical Corporation
March 11, 2021
99.839 million yen
Main Business Areas
OEM/PB-related Production, Planning,
Development, Research as well as
Measurement (of physical response values)

Sales and Import/Export of confectionery,
health-related products, agricultural products,
and processed agricultural products

Head Office
1-38, Umezono-cho, Shunan-City,
Yamaguchi Pref. 745-0076, Japan
Main Phone Number
+81 (0)834-33-8435
Members of the Board

Kazuki MiyataPresident and CEO

Rikako SanuiSenior Vice President

Akira SarukawaDirector and COO

Toshinori YoshidaCorporate Auditor

Hiromi IshikawaExecutive Adviser