Sedical Corporation is pleased to
announce the launch of
the chocolate brand "Medicalate®".

"Medicalate®” is a chocolate brand that was created by a doctor based on his many years of research for the benefit of human health. As its first approach, three products of the Medicalate® brand are finally available in the Japanese chocolate market.

We, Sedical Corporation will launch the products under our chocolate brand "Medicalate®" at the appointed stores of Medicalate® products and the Medicalate® online store at 12:00 on Thursday, 21 October 2021. Medicalate® is a chocolate brand named after the words "medical" and "chocolate," and was created by a doctor who spent many years to research the benefits of chocolate for human health. These chocolates commercialized from his ideas can be enjoyed by people who need a ketogenic diet with as few carbohydrates as possible.
It can be said that the chocolates of Medicalate® are the products that medical doctors have been seeking for many years.

As the first product released under the Medicalate® brand, three types of chocolate will be available.

The products from Medicalate® brand contain no artificial additives or (refined) sugar. The chocolates of Medicalate® are made from natural raw materials and aromatic Ecuadorian bio-cacao, with a focus on the typical elegant aroma and flavor of chocolate.
So, they are super low GI and surprisingly delicious.
Additionally, in accordance with the product concepts of each chocolate, useful ingredients are blended for the benefits of human health, so that a balance between the enjoyment for eating tasty chocolates and health can be pursued.

In addition, the raw materials and packaging materials used for this Medicalate® chocolates are carefully selected as environmental-friendly.

Regarding one of our signature products “KETO SUPPORT' the first product and the starting point of the Medicalate® brand, it is not included in the first product lineup. Sedical Corporation is preparing the special stage for its debut around January to February 2022 at the Valentine's Day Fair in some department stores and it will be available for a limited period during the fair.

For more information about the brand and each product, please visit the Medicalate® Online Store.

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